Chinese Calligraphy Exhibit Incorporating Blockchain Inaugurated in NYC

A Chinese Calligraphy Exhibit Incorporating Blockchain Inaugurated in NYC

New York City’s Harvard Club is playing host to an exhibition comprising artworks of China’s traditional calligraphy. What’s important to note is that the exhibition is incorporating the modern technology of blockchain and Virtual Reality, which is bound to enhance the experience of the visitors.

The exhibition that started on Monday, November 18, 2019, will end on Tuesday, November 19, 2019. It is being showcased at the Cambridge Room of the Harvard Club.

With the title of “Peaceful World,” the exhibition is featuring over 150 calligraphy works by Fo Tao, the Beijing Calligraphy Master. However, this is not the first time that Master Tao’s work is being featured in New York. The city has first played host to the renowned artist’s work back in September of 2014 at one of the private exhibitions at the UN (United Nations).

All of Tao’s artistry at this exhibition has been authenticated through the technology of blockchain, creating a distinct immutable electronic identity of each of Tao’s artworks. In simple terms, blockchain would have records of the artworks’ ownership and originality.

The blockchain technology is being used for the purpose-built by the Hong Kong-based company, UBI Blockchain Internet Ltd. The technology would also establish transaction history, stated UBI’s Founder, Tony Liu, during the exhibit’s opening ceremony.

Interestingly, visitors would be able to view the artworks’ data simply by scanning a QR code. In addition to that, the technology of Virtual Reality will let the visitors watch the creative process as well as get insights on each artwork’s artistic concept, taking their experience to another level. The exhibit would also see the artist providing live demonstrations. The entry for the exhibit is free for all the art and technology enthusiasts.

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