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“Trade99 News is a News Publication Media that provides the latest news from the world of crypto, finance, and blockchain technology. We cater high-quality, unbiased, and well-analyzed articles to our readers daily. Our main objective is dedicated to providing our readers with the latest market updates and in-depth news articles related to the crypto world. Our team of writers, researchers, and industry insiders at Trade99 News work round the clock to provide upbeat, timely, and consistent news updates to our readers.

Cryptocurrency and Blockchain hype is increasing with every passing day. And hence, we started Trade99 News to help beginner, as well as expert level readers, find a reliable source of information about the world’s major cryptocurrencies, various other altcoins, finance, and ICO updates. We aim to capitalize on community growth through reliable and ethical data creation, which is required by our readers to make wise decisions.

Our mission is to empower our audience with the latest news on cryptocurrencies, project developments, and technological advancements in the crypto space. We also envision to cater the crypto updates faster, right before they become mainstream as we understand readers’ need to acquire it as soon as possible. Nowadays, many cryptocurrency news websites publish fake or brand-specific updates. We strictly keep ourselves away from such influences and make sure to investigate the report before hitting the publish button on our website.”