All You Need to Know About Bitcoin’s Latest Updates

All You Need to Know About Bitcoin’s Latest Updates

Bitcoin, the world’s most widely used cryptocurrency, has yet again come up with some new updates in November; these updates should be looked up with importance to strive mightily in the crypto market. Some of the recent developments that you should not miss are discussed herein in details, have a look below to know more.

Bitcoin Core 0.19.0

Bitcoin Core 0.19.0 was officially released on November 24, 2019. It is the 19th official release of Bitcoin after the original software was released 11 years ago by the client named Satoshi Nakamoto. Though the version is 0.19.0, the downloaded version came up as due to some technical issues associated with the 0.19.0 version. This latest release took a time of 6 months for the developers to complete. The update brought in by Bitcoin includes an array of performance improvements, bug fixing, and modernization, along with other major changes.

Whatsat uses Bitcoin’s lightning network

The lightning network of Bitcoin has a robust inbuilt technology that routes Bitcoin’s transactions in private. Now, with the recent updates brought in by Bitcoin, this lightning network is being used by the new text messaging app called Whatsat. The new messaging app Whatsat leverages the built-in capabilities of the lightning network. The new software uses the lightning nodes for transmitting the custom messages to the recipients, which are separate from the BP stack of the internet. This lightning network is expected to take over the internet and if this happens, the users will not need any separate internet connection. All they will need is a mesh network to connect to the lightning nodes.

Bitcoin wallet Wasabi wallet valued at $7.5M

The Wasabi Bitcoin wallet has raised an amount of over $1 million through equity shares of a Canadian firm Cypherpunk Holdings. As reported, the company earned 14 Bitcoins as mixer transaction fees in just one month, which is pretty good for the company.

BTCPay Server version

The new Bitcoin server update brings in new features in multitude, along with new improvements. Bugs have been fixed and the BTC Pay server comes with new opportunities that bring in top projects to be linked with the unified interface of the new server.

Neutrino adds Lightning Network support on mobile

With the new Bitcoin updates, the use of Lightning Network has become easier and user-friendly. Developers are now trying to find out ways to integrate the lightning networks with the android or iOS app.

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