ArcBlock Unveils Mobile Phone Version 2.0 of Its Decentralized Identity Wallet

ArcBlock Unveils Mobile Phone Version 2.0 of Its Decentralized Identity Wallet

Blockchain platform ArcBlock has released version 2.0 of its decentralized identity wallet.

Users can download the ABT Wallet app on their mobile phones to manage their digital transactions. The ABT digital wallet has been built using decentralized identity protocol DID: ABT. By using this protocol, users can create decentralized identities that will only be known to them and cannot be accessed by any centralized authority or identity provider. It ensures the robust privacy of the user’s digital wallet.

Robert Mao, CEO of ArcBlock, said,

We are excited about the release of ABT Wallet 2.0… For the first time, users can experience the benefits of decentralized identity and blockchain technologies.

About making the ABT Wallet app available for mobile phones, Mao said,

The new ABT Wallet is designed to extend the capabilities of their (user’s) phone by allowing them to use this next-generation blockchain services in a way that is already familiar.

Traditionally, hackers have broken into databases of Cryptocurrencies to access wallet addresses of users. With the ABT Wallet app as there is no central storage of wallet addresses, hence hackers have no way of accessing a large number of wallet addresses.

The mobile version of the ABT Wallet App is very helpful as users can carry out digital transactions from anywhere.

ArcBlock has integrated the ABT Wallet with its interoperable blockchains. Any account created on the network is assigned a DID.

ArcBlock is a member of the Decentralized Identity Foundation and W3C CCG, who are trying to establish standards for decentralized identity.

In the feedback from ABT Wallet 1.0, users said that though it had secure sign-up and login and they could verify claims as well as very good privacy, it was difficult for users not familiar with blockchain technology to use the wallet. Thus, in the new ABT Wallet ArcBlock created a mobile version and has designed it to make users feel as if they are just navigating through another internet site thus, bringing down technological barriers to making the wallet popular among users.

With the new mobile-enabled ABT Wallet, users can sign-in from anywhere, create and use websites with utmost privacy due to the user-defined profiles, send documents while traveling and make payments at restaurants and shops.

ArcBlock will soon release a Wallet Software Development Kit (SDK), which users and businesses can use to create their digital wallets.


ArcBlock aims to give the power of designing applications back to the user. To achieve this, ArcBlock’s team of experts, developers, technocrats aim to provide blockchain tools that users and businesses can tinker with to create new applications specifically designed to their needs. ArcBlock’s blockchain development platform combines blockchain technology with cloud computing, which further saves the cost of development of new applications for developers and businesses.

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