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Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Escalated by 6% in the Last 5 Days

If you have been noticing the BCH network closely, it can recently analyze that BCH Blockchain is moving as the second-highest amount of valuation seen in a single day. The network seems to continue this pace from over a week now.

Bitcoin Cash to USD Price Chart

Recently, the BCH price was seen trading at $230.2 at 05:37 UTC on October 9, 2019.

Bitcoin Cash PriceConsidering the price movement from the last five days, the BCH price was initially seen trading at $224.9 at 16:35 UTC on October 4. The value went further down from there by 3.74% on October 6 at 18:40 UTC hours and seen trading at $216.5.

The price of Bitcoin Cash then escalated by 10.49% to the highest touch point of $239.3 on October 8 at 02:00 UTC. The price from then was seen dropped by 5.06% on the same day at 20:30 UTC with a trading value of $227.2.  BCH price from then is now escalated slightly by 1.43% as of now.

Bitcoin Cash Price Prediction

BCH coin is recently seen trending in the lower range, supporting the ‘buying’ trade decision for the traders. However, the movement in the chart might be variable for different time periods. Considering the current trend, Bitcoin Cash price might recover and reached above its next resistance $237.

The long-haul movement, on the other hand, is predicted to find major resistance of $247. Considering the downside, the BCH price may face its 7-Day low $219.


The resistance and support levels are calculated as below:

R1: $237.88, R2: $243.41 and R3: $247.76

S1: $228, S2: $223.65 and S3: $218.12

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