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Bitcoin Cash Price Indicates Dramatic Movement During Intraday Run

  • Bitcoin Cash price indicates marginal improvement
  • The intraday movement might spend a boring day

Bitcoin Cash price movement has been quite dramatic since the opening hour of the day. The market pressure was at its extreme during the same. In the later hours, BCH recovered the momentum of the coin. If improvement in the coin remained the same, there is a chance that the coin embarks upsurge. However, the possibility of the same is quite thin.

As per yesterday’s chart, the coin was dealing as high as $217.16 and as low as $211.62. The volume of Bitcoin Cash was $1,072,206,668. Let’s have a look at the BCH intraday chart.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Price Analysis:

BCH/USD Price Chart

Yesterday, BCH started dealing at $215. The price slipped to $212 in the opening hour by 1.06%. The recovery embarked and took the coin to $214 by 0.67%. The coin remained at the same level for some time but later dropped to $211 by 1.30%. The currency tried to improve and touched $213 but couldn’t hold itself and fell to $211 again by 1.11$. The intraday movement brought 1.98% loss as the coin closed at $210. Today, BCH dropped to $201 by 3.22%. The currency improved and touched $206 by 1.18%. The coin again dropped and this time touched $203. The improvement took place once again and brought the coin to $207. The improvement was 2.17%.

The current price of BCH is at the next support level of $208. A few hours ago, BCH was below the major support level at $203 as it breached below $205. The improvement might take the coin above the immediate support level at $210. Here, take a look at the resistance and support level chart.

Resistance Level Price Support Level Price
R1 $216.14 S1 $210.6
R2 $219.42 S2 $208.34
R3 $221.68 S3 $205.66

The currency is speculated to give flourishing results in the future. The traders interested in the coin are recommended to opt for the long term investment. The same is anticipated to give flourishing results.

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