Price Analysis

Cardano (ADA) Keeps the Downtrend Intact

  • Cardano price drowns during intraday trading
  • The price breaches the immediate support level

Cardano price movement was once quite impressive. The same has changed in the course of time, and today, the ADA coin is battling with the bear. The coin is still counted among the top players of the crypto market, and hence, there is still a slight hope that the price movement would improve in the future. Yesterday, the coin was seen dealing as high as $0.044451 and dropped to as low as $0.041383. The volume of Cardano was $91,311,583 USD.

Cardano Price Analysis

Yesterday, Cardano started dealing at $0.0432. The coin started falling from the beginning and hence touched $0.04246 and later $0.0416 with an aggregate fall of 1.90% and 2.03%, respectively. There was a slight recovery in the price that brought the ADA coin to $0.04238 by 1.85%. The coin couldn’t hold itself at the level for a long period and fell to $0.0409 by 3.27%. The second half of the day began the recovery. The price jumped to $0.04227 by 3.03%. Later, the price escalation took Cardano to $0.0426 from $0.0415 by 2.69%. During the closing hours, the ADA price fell again and touched $0.041.

The intraday price movement brought a regression of 2.97%. Today, the currency started with a slight uptrend. The currency dropped to $0.0413 by 2.32% in the later hours. There was a recovery in the price that took ADA price to $0.0413 and further, bring it to $0.0412 by 1.56%.

ADA Price

The current price of ADA coin is $0.0411. As per the current trend, the price touched the immediate support level at $0.04113 and is now heading towards the next support level at $0.0397. The same might take place in the coming hours. Cardano is currently quite volatile; hence, we would recommend the traders to stay put and wait for the market to attain stability. The investment at moment could be risky.

Resistance Level Price Support Level Price
R1 $0.044201 S1 $0.041133
R2 $0.04586 S2 $0.039724
R3 $0.047269 S3 $0.038065

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