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Cardano Price Fluctuations Resulting Now Below the Baseline

ADA community is announcing an AMA event and meet-up on September 28th on occasion on 2nd anniversary of Cardano. Users are welcome to ask the inside questions of research and development of ADA, and the community will answer the same.

Cardano Price Analysis

ADA price is seen trading at $0.046176 at 09:39 UTC on 9th September 2019. Yesterday, the price of Cardano was initially seen trading below the baseline at $0.046025 at 00:06 UTC. ADA price escalated upwards by 3.23% at 04:42 UTC when the trading price changed to $0.047512. A drop of 2.93% was seen at 11:08 UTC when the trading price changed to $0.046126. At 15:05 UTC, ADA price increased by 3.42% trading at $0.047703.

Today, at 08:06 UTC, Cardano price witnessed a drop of 4.87% with the price downgraded to $0.045391, which is slightly increased by 2.13% as of now.

Cardano is fluctuating in the bearish zone, however, seems that it might slide to its next resistance point! It might somewhat be a good time for traders to enter this network by buying ADA coins and wait for the escalation for better returns in the future. Meanwhile, a short-term investment might help traders to increase some figures.

Cardano Price Chart

The resistance and support levels might be of help for traders to slide away from any losses in intraday trading:

Resistance levels

R3: $0.048953

R2: $0.048303

R1: $0.047511

Support Levels

S1: $0.046069

S2: $0.045419

S3: $0.044627

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