Finno Summit Miami 2019 Ends With the Blockchain Payment Infrastructure

Finno Summit Miami 2019 Ends With the Blockchain Payment Infrastructure

Recently, the Finno Summit Miami 2019 ended officially with the blockchain technology as a Payment Infrastructure.

Many speakers and delegates participated in this event. Rozic points out an issue to educate about the blockchain infrastructure for its success. He explained that Minka is looking to build the foundations in the future from the present. They have many projects and workshops to aware of all the traditional banks about the current technology. He gives an example of Colombian customers that it is essential to learn about the techniques that other institutions are following. It will help them to present them at an international level. The knowledge of technology can also help people to sue or ask for things from public institutions. In the end, if there will be changes in the legal field, then there will be many opportunities for blockchain projects.

A speaker in the summit, Lipple, points out a question what is the need of people in the area of the economy? Beaudroit says that people are scared of losing but want everything in excess to improve their quality of life. Many people trust blockchain than in cryptocurrencies. Rozic, in return, says that many people are not unaware of this technology, and no one knows exactly what they want. For example, people of Colombia and Latin America want to use cryptocurrencies and do banking by using blockchain technology without knowing about this term. In return, Beaudroit says that nowadays, people have Bitcoin, so there is an opportunity for payment officers in the future. He asked for Bitcoin owners in public so that the majority of people raise their hands.

At the end of the panel, the public started asking questions. One asked about Teixeira and micropayments. In reply, the speaker says that developed countries globally are moved towards the microtransactions according to the applications. The blockchain technology is considered to increase the speed of micropayments. Someone asks about Colombia’s legal framework and blockchain solutions from Rozic. He replies that he is in favor of these changes as it promotes the national economy. The final question is about stablecoins, and Beaudroit replies that stablecoins are an efficient way of implementing and designing blockchain platforms for payments.

After completion of the panel, the event climax ended with the complete coverage of the Finno Summit Miami 2019. It is one of the best events in 2019, and it is expected that there will be more improvement in the next year’s event.

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