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Trade99’s IOTA Price Analysis: IOTA Exhibits Astounding Improvement

The crypto market is ridding the bull at present. The surge has helped the coins to recover at large. Bitcoin has breached $8,500 in just 15 days, and the rest of the altcoins are also telling a similar story. IOTA started the year at $0.168 and today the IOTA coin is spotted dealing at $0.218.

The improvement marked in 15-days was amazing. If a similar trend remains intact, then the traders would be soon registering colossal profit.

IOTA/USD Price Chart

IOTA price chart

Yesterday, IOTA price started dealing at $0.1885. The price jumped to $0.199 by 5.61%. The coin locked itself at $0.197 but further dropped to $0.192 by 2.71%. The price improved and escalated to $0.196 by 2.11%, and then the price dropped to $0.192 by 2.81%. Later, the IOTA price jumped to $0.198 by 3.59%. The price dropped to $0.192 by 3.06%. After that, the price took an astounding hike and the IOTA price touched $0.217 by 12.80%. The closing hour created a pullback pressure and then slipped to $0.208 by 4.28%. The intraday escalation in the currency reflected a 10% upsurge in the price.

Today, IOTA started the day with an upsurge. The price counters moved from $0.208 to $0.218. The next hour exhibited a similar movement. The price dropped and returned to $0.218. The coin dropped recently to $0.211.

IOTA is likely to violate the immediate resistance level at $0.221. The price of the coin might breach the next resistance level at $0.232 shortly. The traders are recommended to opt for long-term investment. The same would give the expected result to the investors.

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