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Trade99’s LTC Price Analysis: Litecoin Might Rally to $60

Litecoin is counted among the most influential coins in the market. It is believed that Bitcoin would have to face Litecoin as its toughest competition in the coming time. The currency is speculated to be giving high returns in the first quarter of 2020. The current movement in the LTC price has impressed the traders. The intraday trading seems to be quite good with the currency.

LTC/USD Price Chart:

LTC price

Yesterday, Litecoin price started dealing at $49.75 and escalated to $52.90 by 6.34% hike. The upsurge continued and took the LTC coin price to $54.56. There was a slight regression that brought the price to $53.28. Later, the currency improved, and the price touched $57.52 by 7.87%. There was a fall in the LTC price that took the coin to $54.23 by 5.73%. The coin improved and escalated to $60.39 by 11.22%. Then again, the Litecoin price dropped to $56.99 by 5.64%. The price escalated to $59.6 by 4.20%. The coin closed the day at $57.33. The intraday movement reflected a 15.30% upsurge in the coin.

Today, LTC’s price escalated to $59.94. The price slipped to $55.60 by 7.24%. The price jumped recently and touched $58.80. The altcoin is currently dealing at $58.27. As per Trade99’s analysts, the coin may breach the immediate resistance level at $62.34 soon. However, if the selling pressure pulls the coin down, then the immediate support level is created at $52.15. LTC is speculated to give the desired result to the long-term investors.

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