Milan is Bridging the Gap Between Blockchain Businesses & European Authorities

Milan is Bridging the Gap Between Blockchain Businesses & European Authorities

Blockchain technology isn’t turning out to be just another technological breakthrough; it is a revolution that is impacting every niche of the industry. It has not only given businesses another push towards excellence and efficiency in delivering their services but has also added exponentially to global growth.

In the midst of all the blockchain applause, the city of Italy, Milan is being claimed to be the habitat of capacities that are needed to unite all the blockchain businesses with the authorities.

Milan recently convened with the initiatives that intend to join different blockchain firms as well as authorities to decipher this difficulty. It will aid in reducing the scarcity of proficiency and experience that new businesses and technology consumption patterns demand. Its goal will be to find solutions to all blockchain issues.

Milan has demonstrated its capacitance as one of the most progressive municipalities in Europe. According to a news report dated August this year, Milan’s Municipality of Cinisello Balsamo has already begun the adoption of blockchain tech for public administration. The coming year Milan is preparing to find every possible solution to the issues that hover around the arena of this tech.

The Blockchain Event is to be held on November 28, 2019, in Milan. The event is titled “Blockchain behind and beyond the hype.”

A number of blockchain-based organizations such as San Marino Innovation as well as the European Commission, are the sponsors for the fund. The Italian Ministry of Economic Development (MiSE) will have a thorough examination of Libra and every other blockchain ambition happening around the world.

The debate of the conference will be around blockchain, rewarding techniques of ethical consumer behavior via digital currencies, consequences of environmental & social sustainability, smart contracts, and Token Economy. Everything will be done to bring into the limelight the aspects of blockchain that are still unclear to specialists.

All the blockchain initiatives and projects are taken forward as unprecedented and hold little speculation around their impact on everyday life and economy.

Besides this, there are still loopholes and gaps in the blockchain landscape that need to be addressed before a mature blockchain setting can be empowered. The business world needs a remodeled approach and protocols in blockchain undertakings that can do away with its inherent challenges.

Moreover, the scale of adoption mandates the involvement of governments as well as legislators in the blockchain technology. Three nations to have successfully included the first legislation are Malta, Liechtenstein and San Marino. Hence we need more cities like Milan, who can volunteer to bring the requisite change.

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