The Ethereum Foundation Grants Over $2 Million and Announces Other Bounties for Research and Development

The Ethereum Foundation, along with Protocol Labs and ConsenSys has granted $2.46 Million to ETH2.0 or Serenity, client developers and researchers before the launch of the Beacon Chain.

Nine substantial grants were made to a few handpicked companies and researchers. These candidates have been entrusted to deliver long-standing multi-client testnets as development approaches the launch of Phase 0.

Recipients of the grants are:

  • Harmony received $189k for their Harmony beacon chain development.
  • Pysmatic Labs ware rewarded $725k for the Prysm client development project.
  •  The startup, Sigma Prime, was awarded $485k for Lighthouse client development; this was Co-funded by Ethereum Foundation & ConsenSys.
  • Status bagged $500k for their Nimbus client development.

Grants for Networking:

  • Status under the networking category received another grant of $150K for nim-libp2p development; this was Co-funded by Ethereum Foundation & Protocol Labs.
  • Whiteblock procured $184K for networking, Co-funded by Ethereum Foundation & ConsenSys.

Status’ networking fund for its Nimbus Team (networking team) was for developing a regional nim-language implementation of libp2p. The implementation was for Nimbus and other projects. The Nimbus team has also been working on an implementation which would be suitable for all resource-restricted devices.

While Whiteblock’s networking fund was to continue Eth 2.0 network testing and testnet/interoperability support. Whiteblock was working on analyzing the libp2p gossipsub implementation. The implementations were to help improve the networking stack and specification and raise interoperability efforts.

Grants for research and development:

  • Chainsafe was Award $217.5K for Lodestar light-client and javascript development.
  • Dmitry Khovratovich, an expert cryptanalyst, was awarded $10K For the report on the security of Legendre PRF.

Dmitry Khovratovich was financed to produce a report regarding the security of the Legendre PRF and the proof-of-custody scheme designated to be employed in Phase 1 of Eth2.0.

Chainsafe was working on Eth2.0 light-client R&D in their Lodestar javascript client. He, on developing educational resources, tooling, and libraries would provide support to the Eth2.0 JS/web-browser ecosystem.

Apart from these, more bounties were also announced in the blogpost of Ethereum for the advancement of research and development.

The Ethereum Foundation has designated five ether (ETH) bounties (or 1,000 units of the decentralized stable coin) for the Phase 0 Consensus. A set of bounties were also declared for research on the Legendre pseudo-random function. Lastly, bounties were declared for the winners of the STARK-friendly hash challenge.

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