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Trade99’s ADA Price Analysis: Cardano’s Dramatic Move Reflect Improvement Signs

Cardano price movement is exhibiting improvement signs. The last few days have been quite moderate, yet the improvement is evident on the chart. On December 06, the ADA coin touched a high of $0.0383. The next day, the coin jumped to $0.0392 and the level remained the same on December 08. The traders are eyeing for an upsurge, but the coin is indicating a moderate movement.

Cardano Price Prediction

Yesterday, ADA coin started dealing at $0.0384. The price went up to $0.0385 by 0.20%. Further, Cardano price slipped to $0.0378 by 1.35% fall. Later, the price jumped to $0.0381 by 0.96%. Then, the currency slipped to $0.0380 by 0.43%. The ADA coin jumped to $0.0386 by 1.70%. The escalation remained intact and touched $0.0387 by 0.63%. The closing hours brought a slight drop in the price of Cardano, and it dealt at $0.038 by 0.53%. The intraday movement reflected by 0.19%. Today, the price dropped to $0.0383 by 1.05%. Later, the price touched $0.0387.

Cardano Price

Cardano opening took the price to below the immediate support level at $0.0384. However, the coin improved in the later hours, and now it seems that the ADA price might reach for the immediate resistance level at $0.0393. Cardano is speculated to give good results in the future. The interested traders are recommended to go for long-term investment. The current situation might not be promising, but the future seems settled.

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