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Trade99’s BCH Price Analysis: Bitcoin Cash Trades Dramatically Amid the Fluctuating Market

The whole crypto market is currently facing fluctuation. Amidst the fluctuating momentum, the coins are managing to surge. Bitcoin Cash is also among the coins that still holds the expectations of improvement quite strong by its steady momentum.

On December 01, the BCH price was at $218. The price fell to $205 on December 04 but again picked up. Today, Bitcoin Cash is dealing at $212. The quick recovery has spiked hope among the traders that the BCH price would soon recover.

Bitcoin Cash Price Prediction:

Yesterday, Bitcoin Cash started dealing at $207. The price fell to $206 by 0.49%. The currency escalated to $209 by 1.77%. The BCH coin price dropped to $207 in the later hours by 2.07%. The price of the Bitcoin Cash escalated to $214 by 3.27% hike. The price fell to $208 by 2.70%. The downtrend was followed by recovery. The price touched $212 by 1.78%. The price remained at the same level till closing. The intraday movement of Bitcoin Cash reflected an uptrend of 2.07%. Today, the currency started the day with a moderate movement of around $211. The price escalated to $212 by 0.37%. The currency dropped recently to $209.

BCH/USD Price Chart

Bitcoin Cash is anticipated to bring a great return in the coming days. The traders are recommended to opt for long-term investment. The same would ensure a colossal profit in the future. The coin is heading towards the immediate support level at $206. If the price continues downwards, the BCH coin might violate the next support level at $199.

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