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Trade99’s VET Price Analysis: VeChain Reverses Yesterday’s Trend

VeChain shocked the traders in the market today as it reflects trend reversal. The price breached 30-day high and set a new at $0.0062. The VET price started falling from yesterday. The currency touched a low of $0.0057.

Yesterday, the currency started the day around $0.006040. Then, the price slipped marginally and reached $0.00590 by 2.31%. After that, VET price escalated to $0.006856 by a huge hike of 16.09%. At this price point, the currency couldn’t maintain its level for longer, and it slipped to $0.00598 by 12.63% decline. Then, the price locked at the same level for some time and then, VeChain price slipped to $0.00580 by 3.14%.

Later, in the next 2 hours, the VET price jumped to $0.006248 by 7% and then dropped to $0.00600. The currency jumped to $0.006670 by 11.17%. The coin dropped to $0.005995 by 10.12% decline. The coin again slipped to $0.005800 by 3.25%. Then, the coin jumped to $0.006301 by 8.68% hike. The closing hours brought VeChain price to $0.00590527 by 6.30%. The intraday movement of VET coin reflected a downtrend of 2.23%. Today, the price escalated to $0.006297 by 6.64%.

VeChain News

VeChain price is currently dealing at $0.00570. The price slipped below the immediate support level at $0.00578. The coin would violate the next support level at $0.0055 in the coming hours. VET coin is recommended for the short-term investment as due to its volatile nature, it may give considerable profits.

Resistance Level Price Support Level Price
R1 $0.006202 S1 $0.005784
R2 $0.0064 S2 $0.005564
R3 $0.00662 S3 $0.005366

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