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Trade99’s XRP Price Analysis: Will Ripple Continue to Show Its Strong Potential?

Ripple price continues to hold ground against the bears over the past month though the price had come under bear pressure. XRP coin continues to put up a brave front in the current bearish sentiment. Though there is a strong bearish undercurrent in the market, the coin has shown at regular intervals its ability to hold its ground as evident from the 30-day price trend. Though the later part of November saw the XRP price below the baseline, the first half of the month saw the price mostly in the upward range. The price of Ripple cryptocurrency has been fluctuating in the range between $0.20-$0.27.

Ripple Price Prediction

XRP price had a great November start though the bears got the better it during the latter part of the month. The price of XRP was in the upward range of $0.2732 on November 13. It went down to $0.2450 on November 19. The price did rise, albeit slowly at 4.52% on November 20 to $0.2555. Then, Ripple price went down below the baseline to $0.2088 by 18.12% drop. The price of XRP coin still tried for recovery and managed an uptrend though the price continued to be below the baseline at $0.2299 on November 30. The bears continued to hammer the price and again, it went down to 0.2130 on December 04. Yesterday, the price had a rally and with an 8.32% hike, the coin reached $0.2307. Currently, the XRP price is trading at $0.2225.

Ripple Price

Ripple is continuing its pursuit of upstaging the bears at regular intervals, but due to the continuing volatility in the crypto market, it may take some time for the coin to get back to its full potential. As per Trade99’s analysis, investors should continue to hold on to their current investments as the market volatility is expected for the short run. Short-term traders should invest in a cautious outlook to make gains.

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