US Air Force Signed Blockchain Technology Firm to Harness Data Power

US Air Force Signed Blockchain Technology Firm to Harness Data Power

Blockchain technology has been enthusiastically adopted by a number of different business domains across the globe. We have already witnessed the positive impact of this open ledger technology has on the fintech, supply chain and logistics, energy sector, and gaming industry, among others. However, the adoption of the blockchain by one of the most influential air forces in the world, i.e., the United States Air Force (USAF) is sure to give new impetus to the adoption of the blockchain. According to the latest reports, USAF has agreed with Constellation Network, INC, an organization based in San Francisco and working in the domain of Blockchain Technology.

USAF and Constellation Network

The agreement will help USAF to collate and consolidate data securely from its multiple data sources drones, planes, and satellites. Until now, this data has been disbursed and distributed by individual domains, and most of the times; it is non-accessible outside the particular domain area. That, in turn, hinders the process of central planning and implementation with interoperability coming out as a major concern for the planners.

That is exactly where the blockchain expertise of Constellation Network will come handy. Constellation will help the US Air Force to build data interoperability to aid central planning and implementation. The blockchain system will help in the merger of legacy data and along with the creation of decentralized, secure database; the technology will also facilitate audit and review of the data sources.

Larger Impact

On the larger context, this adoption of blockchain further legitimizes the use of distributed ledger technology over and beyond the digital coins. Gone are days when major revenue of blockchain firms used to come from the cryptocurrencies as now the technology has spread its wings wide across the segments. The Daily Chain reported that due to the humongous data handling requirement of the USAF, there could be a situation where some of the data will be handled manually by the Constellation Labs.

Speaking to The Daily Chain, the chief executive officer of Constellation Labs, Ben Jorgensen exuded confidence that the company will be able to generate new insights for USAF by combining data, technology, and analysis tools. According to the Jorgensen, “acyclic graph and protocol” will be a perfect solution given the large data collation and security requirements of USAF.

This contract is a huge win for the Constellation Labs and signals the shifting focus towards the blockchain technology. Unlike the past situation where blockchain essentially remained within the periphery of the financial domain, today, the conditions are altogether different. The focus of the current blockchain applications is to enhance efficiency and provide a secured, distributed access to the data. Initially, technology experts and analysts have identified three common growth themes for blockchain – data storage, data protection, and data distribution. But now it seems blockchain technology can go beyond these traditional boundaries and bring some really useful results for an organization.

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