World’s First Blockchain Ecosystem to be launched with Digital Asset Trading, iGaming & Blockchain Education

EZ365 recently revealed its motive to roll out the world’s first ecosystems based on blockchain-based that brings together the potential of a crypto casino, digital currency exchange & blockchain awareness platform.

The people behind EZ365 involves leaders in the blockchain arena and professionals in infrastructural network & security for capital & derivatives markets worldwide. The team has forged a strict security framework as in financial markets to the environment in EZ365. To name a few security functions, extensive hacker testing, redundancy of the server, tolerance of fault & systems of high availability, & KYC (Know Your Customer) and compliance with Anti-Money Laundering. EZ will also own hold 95 % of cold storage funds, and the rest 5 will remain fully protected.

EZ365 has three unified & complementary units:

EZ Exchange, which is a virtual currency trading platform incorporated with high-end stock market level security, options to trading interfaces customized to the user experience of the currency traders, integration of fiat currency in real-time, along with live customer care.

EZ Win is the second unit that is a casino game based on blockchain, sports & e-sports (online gaming) betting system providing players a provably fair probability and the potential to employ a stable coin & various different digital currencies to execute.

EZ Academy, the third unit is a learning and development portal that provides tools for education and customer support to improve the understanding of the function and working of blockchain, digital resources, and trading.

EZ365 will eliminate the hurdles of buying digital currencies by offering exhaustive customer support, security, & easy to use interface. EZ365, no wonder is set to transform the world of digital currency making it make it convenient to trade for its users, learn, and play in a safe ecosystem.

EZ has already started executing the process of certification from ISO 27001, with an aim to be the first bloc to have a countenance in operating from an international standard which is widely used by a number of financial enablements and conventional stock markets.

Russell Korus, CEO of EZ365, said,

The real magic of EZ365 is the approach we are taking to unleash the vast potential of the blockchain iGaming industry and the cryptocurrency world. We are doing this by bringing together a digital asset exchange and cryptocurrency casino that share the same exceptional user experience and support, along with fiat and credit card integration. By eliminating the challenges typical of cryptocurrency exchanges in use today — such as complexity, poor user experience, and lack of customer support — we will break down the barriers to mass adoption.”

Two months after the current launch, Version 2.0 of the trading platform will be launched powered with extra coins &  features. The extra coins in the platform of 2.0 version will have XRP, LTC, BCH, ETC and more.

EZ also plans to add functionality into the platform that lets its users can add funds to their account via wire transfer & debit funds through credit card as well as a wire transfer.

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